Speaking multiple languages is a valuable skill. However, knowing two languages does not automatically mean a person is qualified to translate or interpret. Translation involves being able to take source material in one language, and quickly, reliably, and accurately express it in another. Often, this requires knowledge of specialty subject matter, an ability to write or speak at a very high level of fluency in the target language, and more. While speaking two or more languages may help you summarize or briefly explain what something says in a different language, translation, interpretation, and localization should be left to experienced language professionals.

While machine translation certainly has its uses (in house “quickie” translation, translation of words or short phrases, etc.), it is still far from replacing human translation in terms of naturalness of expressing, coherence, comprehension of syntax and nuance, etc. As a wise person recently said, machine translation will only replace human translation when humans translate like machines…

Each service which Weis Words International Translations™ offers is individually priced based on a number of factors. Translation services are priced based on the type of translation (for example legal, marketing, financial, technical, etc.), the language pairs involved, and whether special formatting is required which requires extra work or desktop publishing (DTP) services. In general, specialty translations (legal, technical, medical, etc.) which require specialized knowledge or skills will be more expensive (indeed, we try to use professional in the appropriate field, including attorneys, medical professionals, scientists, financiers, etc.). Less common languages may also require a higher price.

Translations and localization are priced on a per word basis, in units of 250 words each. Interpretation services are usually charged by the hour, with a daily minimum, plus any equipment costs and travel, if required.

Yes, we definitely do. We recognize that many of our clients require translations for submission to governmental authorities which require that the translation be verified or certified. We will work with you to ascertain your exact needs. For example, in many instances, a particular authority will require an affidavit or affirmation that a translation is accurate (an “affidavit of accuracy”). Others require that a translation be verified by a local notary (this is common in Europe and parts of Asia and the Middle East). Yet others require that the translation be certified by a translator who is sworn, licensed, certified, or recognized by the relevant entity (such as the local ministry of justice, a translation society such as the American Translators Association, etc.). Whatever your needs, we will provide you with the most appropriate solution possible.

Each translation is different. The average translator is capable of translating between 200-250 words per hour, and between 1,000 – 3,000 words per day. That is of course the average and we have many translators who are capable of greater speeds and daily workloads, when the need arises. We understand that some translations are need faster than others, and so we will work with you to ascertain your timetables and scheduling requirements, and tailor a translation quote to meet your needs on each project. It is important to remember however that translation is not an exact science and is subject to interpretation, nuance, and individual expression. Speed will be affected by several factors which include, to name but a few, the quality of the source text, the quality/readability of the source file (a poor quality PDF will take longer than an MS Word document), and the complexity of the material.

Weis Words International Translations understands the sensitive nature of many of the documents we translate. We take our clients’ confidentiality very seriously, and have adopted the principles of ISO 27001 in regard to such documents and material. We also require non-disclosure agreement from all of our translators. Where necessary, we work with our clients to implement additional confidentiality measures. In all cases we limit access to documents and materials to only those persons requiring access in order to perform a specific task.

Weis Words International Translation offers several payment solutions including wire/bank transfer, credit card payments, PayPal, and more. We offer credit card processing through Zooz, a level 1 PCI DSS compliant solution. Your credit card information will be processed securely from our client payment portal 

Yes, unfortunately, we must apply a minimum charge to every service we offer in order to cover our transaction costs and overhead. Because most translators, interpreters, localizers, and DTP designers are independent contractors, they too charge us a minimum fee in order to make each task economically worthwhile for them as well

Quality and customer service are extremely important to us here at Weis Words International Translations. We also realize that because translation can be highly subjective, there will be times where a client may not agree with certain phrasing, etc. For this reason, Weis Words has implemented a policy of addressing reasonable requests for revision, at no extra charge, within 5 business days of the delivery of the translation. We encourage client feedback and will do whatever is reasonably possible to ensure your satisfaction. For more details, please refer to our Terms of Service.