Ghost Writer, "Never Go Back" by Dr. Joseph Christiano, ND, CNC; and Dwight Bain, NCC, CFLM

Many people diet, but more than nine out of 10 fail to achieve lasting success. Never Go Back discusses the dilemma of yo-yo dieting and provides solutions for readers, allowing them to lose weight and keep it off. 

Ghost Writer, "Don't Blame the Coach" by Freddie Smith

Don't Blame the Coach is a comprehensive guide for high school student-athletes who aspire to win an athletic scholarship for college. The book provides tips and tactics for parents and guardians to get their young people noticed by collegiate athletic recruiters and scouts. 

Ghost Writer, "So You Wanna Build a Home?" by Thad Reardon

Author Thad Reardon, a South Carolina-based home builder, shares the benefits of his three decades of experience by explaining the process of building a custom home from Point A to Point Z. Using real-life stories and amusing anecdotes, Reardon shows that building a custom home doesn’t have to be a daunting experience. 

Ghost Writer, "Taking Control" by Luis Morejon

While self-improvement books are helpful and offer good advice, most are missing an important element. They point you in the right direction but fail to offer a clear, concise road map to success. Taking Control is an easy-to-read, helpful "how-to" guide for achieving personal and professional heights you never thought possible. 

Editor/Consultant, "My American Dream" by Dr. Maria Miller

My American Dream takes you on a woman's journey of self-discovery that spans from a small farming village in Spain to the big city lights of Miami and New York City. All the while, readers are captivated by the internal battles that eventually shape her into the person she becomes ... and allow her to live her own American Dream. 

Editor/Consultant, "Thoughts to Ponder" by Anthony C. Moore (COMING SOON)

Thoughts to Ponder is the first in what will be an entire Life Lessons University curriculum. While it is a quick read, the book is filled with wisdom based on the life experiences of author Anthony C. Moore.

Magazine Feature Writer

John has written feature articles for many magazines, including 904 Fitness, Pegasus, SportZone and Insight East Orlando.  

Press Releases

Need help getting your message to the masses? John's attention-grabbing press releases are just what the doctor ordered. In addition, his connections can greatly increase the chance that your release is picked up by the media members in your chosen market. 

Newsletters & Direct Mail

Does your company need a direct mail piece? John has extensive experience writing and producing newsletters, brochures, postcards and more for a variety of industries.